About Us

We are a design, development and manufacturing engineering unit for different kinds of GEARBOX DRIVES. Since 1990, we have supplied PTOs (POWER TAKE OFF) Gearbox Drives and other kinds of Gearboxes (Drive Line, Split Shaft, Parallel Shaft, In-Line Transmission) for various SPVs (SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLES) such as DTH Drilling Rigs; Fire Fighting Vehicles; Rail Cum Road Vehicles; Truck Mounted Sewage Cleaning Machines, Road Sweepers, Jetting Machines, Super Suction Machines and so on. Our DDM & DIT (DESIGN DEVELOP MANUFACTURE & DESIGN IN TIME) policies enables us to take out our new models for any specific customized application required by our customers even if the quantity required is as low as ONE single unit. Our motto LET’S MAKE IT coupled with massively existing CAD Database (COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN) of SolidWorks and AutoCAD enables our clients to think of the unthinkable.

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